Our first year

Our First Year



We have just completed our first year of change. I left Retail after 32 years, Joe left hairdressing after 40 years to become hoteliers. We now live in the idyllic Casale San Pietro, in a small hamlet of San Filippo in Anagni, Lazio, Italy. We are also Olive farmers with 575 Olive trees to look after but we are only 50 minutes away from Rome City Centre. (I still can get a great retail fix very easily).

Our first year has been superb! it was hard work getting The Casale where we wanted it to be but we did and are delighted with the end result, (not that it will ever be finished)! we have not compromised on anything and we have created a small luxury property where guests can come and relax for 3 days or 2 weeks. We had a clear vision of what we wanted The Casale to be and I think we have achieved that vision. Our guests tend to agree based on the outstanding reviews we have received.

The highlight of the last twelve months has got to be the guests we have met. We have had some diverse, wonderful guests. We can see the reward of our work within days of our guests arriving. They have arrived from all walks of life – Doctors, Consultants, Dental Surgeons, A Judge, Barristers, Lawyer, interior designers, A Landscape Gardner, A publisher, A Chef, Architects, Teachers, Headmasters, Retired business people, who now holiday! Beauty therapists and of course Retailers, the majority have arrived in need of rest and relaxation.

If only we could do a before and after of guests some have arrived stressed, holding shoulders tight, exhausted and a little pasty! They leave re-energised, relaxed, soft and chilled but inspired to go back and face the world. In fact at our first YOGA RETREAT, we had two guests who have been wanting to start up a business for a couple of years, they came and enjoyed mixing with fellow Yogi’s who were predominantly business people. It inspired them to do a business plan and within 1 month of returning to the UK they set up a business!

Seeing the difference Joe and I can make in this little piece of heaven, is total gratification, its what makes it special for us and confirms our life change has been the right decision. It really makes us happy.

Our Vision – is for guests to be able to take time out of daily life and jump off the treadmill for a short, medium or longer time to re-energise, relax in this beautiful little haven, whilst enjoying great Italian food and wine. A true home from home with Luxury and with Fairies to do all the things you don’t really want to do on holiday.

We have both been the above people, so we can totally get what is needed. visit our website to take a closer look www.casalespietro.com. or just email me alana@casalespietro.com. We also do events for guests who like to have a plan when they are away.

Joe and I have already started thinking about our 4,5 and 10 year plan, so watch this space.