“When Life deals you Olives, make Olive Oil”

We opened The Casale doors in August 2016, our very first guests were Claire Ellis and Family, Claire is the lovely lady who is doing “Italian Farm Spa” in June and September. We also welcomed Dave and Helen who we knew previously through some very good friends in Yorkshire. Dave and Helen have now visited The Casale four times. He recently booked The Casale exclusively for one week to celebrate his special birthday with his family and friends.

What I didn’t realise was the full guest list! Everyone including Joe planned a surprise, which was our good friends Dave and Jacqui, were part of the party. We have not seen Dave and Jacqui for quite some time, I was really quite emotional and so delighted to see them. The whole week was truly special. Dave certainly celebrated in style!

Jacqui has become an accomplished stylist and life coach. Infact she inspired me to do my first Video. Whilst she was here, she got inspired to write a piece on how Personal Values resonate in personal style and the environment we live in. She personalised this as to how Joe and I run our business, how we have designed The Casale and how we personalise our service.

I have attached below a link to the Full feature, it is a great read, I am sure you will enjoy it and relate to it. Let me know what you think?

Jacqui has captured the essence of Joe, I and The Casale, she certainly made me realise how important personal values are and how they do resonate in everything we do. My belief is – never compromise on your values!