Vico Nel Lazio

Vico Nel Lazio is a wonderful medieval town only 20 minutes from Casale San Pietro. It is a walled Town and it has 24 towers protecting the Town with only three entrances. It is like stepping back 100 years. It has inhabitants of only 1000 people. Certainly another place on the list to visit when staying at Casale San Pietro

Casale San Pietro Olive Grove

Olive Harvest

Whilst we are busy renovating Casale San Pietro, we have completed our first olive harvest – this is something totally new to to Joe and me and has been a huge learning curve.

The Tarantella Acuto

The Tarantella – Acuto

Tarantella (Italian pronunciation: [taranˈtɛlla]) is a group of various folk dances characterised by a fast upbeat tempo, accompanied by tambourines. It is among the most recognised forms of traditional southern Italian music. The specific dance name varies with every region, for instance tammuriata in Campania, pizzica in the Salento region, Sonu a ballu in Calabria. Tarantella is popular in Southern Italy and Argentina.

Anagni Palio - Riding

Anagni Palio

Each summer, the annual Palio of San Magno is held in Anagni. It is usually held on a Saturday and it is a spectacle not to be missed. The stage is set in Piazza Innocenzo III, where riders representing districts of the region compete on horseback for the palio of the year. All dressed in medieval costumes which represent their own regions, they look magnificent.