Co-Ownership Opportunities.

Message from Joe and Alana, owners of Casale San Pietro.

Our mission when we embarked on the Casale project was to create a space which is relaxing, tranquil and where guests can escape from their day to day lives. Our many positive reviews from our lovely guests are a reflection of the way we try to run the Casale with love and passion, where nothing is too much trouble, and each guest feels special.

The time is right for a sensitive expansion of the property whilst protecting the unique, personal charm that the Casale has to offer. The adjoining 8 acre olive grove has been purchased together with a magnificent stone farmhouse L’Oliveto and a separate stone cottage Il Villino both ready for renovation.

Our vision is to extend our Casale ethos into these lovely buildings, and offer them, fully renovated and fully furnished, to a small number of like minded owners who want their small piece of Italy managed for them by our Casale becoming part of the Casale family.

Imagine a place you can call your own for a fraction of the cost of outright ownership. A place you can share with friends and family, with the tranquillity and privacy of your own villa with all the Casale’s facilities on hand. A place that’s looked after for you when you’re away and ready for holidaying when you’re here. Wander down through the olive grove and swim in the main pool, or join us for pre dinner drinks, choose to eat in the Casale’s restaurant or a quiet night in at the villa, the Casale’s facilities are available to you. Casale Concierge further extends our service to include airport transfers, car hire, e-bikes, spa treatments, all designed to make your holiday experience special.

We hope you can picture yourself as a Co-owner and find the information below of interest. If you'd like to arrange to have a call to discuss the project further we’d be delighted to talk more.

With Love, Joe and Alana. 

What is co-ownership?

Holiday homes in Europe are generally only used a handful of weeks a year, so why own one outright? Co-ownership allows you to own 1/10th of the property at a 1/10th of the price, share all the running costs, use the property for 5 weeks a year in perpetuity and sell out when you want.

How Does it Work?

You will own a ‘share’ of a U.K. company registered at Companies House established to hold the interest in the specific which is registered in the Italian Land Registry. The significant difference from timeshare is you part own the property and have occupancy rights.

Occupancy Rights

Co-owners are entitled to 5 weeks a year in perpetuity. A Holiday Calendar will be operated by The Management Company who will manage owner’s weeks and owners will also be able to flex weeks with other owners in the Owners WhatsApp group.

Building Project

The two properties will be re-built by Casale Investments Limited, a Company formed specifically for this purpose and project managed by an experienced local architectural practice.

Commencement of the build

Construction will only commence once we have signed agreements and the appropriate payments from a sufficient number of owners.

Ownership Agreements

Our legal experts have drawn up our Owner Agreement specifically designed for co-ownership which allows for real ownership interest, streamlining the legal process and minimising the usual hassles of buying abroad.

Our Role

Our role is to manage the purchase of the property, deal with local authorities, plan and manage the renovation of the properties, furnishing and interior design. We have appointed a team of surveyors, architects and structural engineers to work on the projects using the experience gained designing and renovating the Casale and development projects in the U.K.

Management & Maintenance

All the normal hassles of foreign home ownership will be avoided as the property will be managed by a Management Company using the Casale’s hotel team to manage and maintain your home to make sure you have the best possible holiday experience.

Visiting your holiday home needs to be as convenient, simple and easy as staying in a hotel. We will use Casale staff and experience to take care of preparing your home to hotel-like standards.

On your arrival, the beds will be made, fresh towels folded, the house will be at the correct temperature, the outside areas will be perfectly maintained and the cushions will be on the sun beds. Our aim is not only to create the perfect holiday home but also a perfect homely space to create memories for years to come.

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Two Unique Holiday Homes available now!

Launched: L'Oliveto - 5 bedroom luxury farmhouse with pool from £195,000 1/10th share.

L'Oliveto - The future

L’Oliveto, lovingly rebuilt using much of the original stonework to create a luxury 5 bedroom farmhouse complete with large pool, terraces and far reaching views south.

Launched: Il Villino - 2/3 bedroom a perfect stone cottage with plunge pool.


A traditional style Italian stone built cottage nestling in 8 acres of olives groves with stunning westerly views.
Your home in Italy, Year after Year

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To know more about co-ownership and how you can become the part owner of L’Oliveto or Il Villino just request a brochure or give us a call to discuss.

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