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Solidarity and Togetherness

BUY A VOUCHER NOW AND COME TO STAY AT CASALE SAN PIETRO WHENEVER SUITS YOU. Italy is going through a difficult time and, more than ever, unity and solidarity among us is needed. The coronavirus has blocked tourism across the country and Lazio is experiencing the economic impact of this situation. We understand the fear of traveling right now and,
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A fantastico Italian cookery school…

Mamma Mia! I am now a proper Italian cook, thanks to Casale San Pietro, a blissful haven of a boutique hotel less than an hour’s drive from Rome. My sister Justine and I have just returned from the Casale’s three-day Italian cookery school – and we are feeling that we are now pretty authentic rustic Italian cooks, thanks to Joe
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A Perfect Evening In Veroli

Summer is such an amazing time to visit The Ciocaria area of Lazio. There are so many exciting summer events in the Medieval Towns surrounding The Casale, many of which are quite spectacular. Veroli is no exception, it is situated just 40 minutes from The Casale. We took two of our guests to visit the festival of entertainment last evening.
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The Yoga Retreat Blog

Nina our fantastic Yoga teacher from London has ignited a new passion for many of our guests and set new challenges for our more experienced yogis. “Practising and teaching yoga in this setting is perfect. Tranquil, beautiful and peaceful. A very unique place with spectacular views, bringing us back to nature”. Nina Here’s how our guests have described their experience;
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Easter At Casale San Pietro 2017

We have just had our first Easter at Casale San Pietro. We had a Casale full of wonderful guests, some new and some returning guests. We had a Good Friday buffet to start the celebrations. We then had a trip to Alatri which is a Medieval Town, they have a Good Friday tradition and it is to parade through the

Vico Nel Lazio

Vico Nel Lazio is a wonderful medieval town only 20 minutes from Casale San Pietro. It is a walled Town and it has 24 towers protecting the Town with only three entrances. It is like stepping back 100 years. It has inhabitants of only 1000 people. Certainly another place on the list to visit when staying at Casale San Pietro