Easter at Casale San Pietro 2017

We have just had our first Easter at Casale San Pietro. We had a Casale full of wonderful guests, some new and some returning guests. We had a Good Friday buffet to start the celebrations. We then had a trip to Alatri which is a Medieval Town, they have a Good Friday tradition and it is to parade through the Town to tell the story of Christ (Passione di Cristo). The parade is about two hours and it is quite a spectacle, it is like being transported 100’s of years back and really moving. Saturday was a stunning day weather wise, so lots of sun bathing and swimming. We then had a fun Pizza night. Sunday started with a large breakfast including a famous Colomba cake, the traditional Easter cake, in the shape of a cross. We then did a Bunny hunt around the grounds of Casale San Pietro. Noah our five year old guest was certainly the triumphant hunter, he found 6 of the 10, but most caring and generous he shared his Bunnies with everyone. Dave and Helen went on to win our Easter quiz and won a large Easter egg. It was such good fun. We then had a traditional Easter day lunch – Home made Lasagne followed by Lamb, Roast potatoes and veg to finish the Easter feast we had Zuppe Inglese! A delicious special desert, it translates to “English Soup” but of course it is nothing like English soup, it is a cross between a trifle and a cake, I think it is the alcohol that relates to the English trifle. Everyone was satisfied, full and content. Then more sunbathing! In the evening Helen and Dave smashed the large winning egg, so it was a sugar surge of chocolate, home made biscuits from Fumone (which Selwyn and Jeanne brought from there sightseeing trip) and finally more Easter cake and of course prosecco. Perfect end to a wonderful Easter day.

Our guests have all departed now, but have left outstanding comments: “OMG what an amazing experience we have had” “Two memorable wonderful days” “Easter is so special in Italy” “Joe and Alana what an outstanding achievement”

Thank you to our wonderful guests who made our first Easter an extremely enjoyable time.