Local Attractions

A Beautiful Part of Italy


The nearby town of Anagni is definitely worth a visit. We would recommend that you go in the morning to explore the town, visit the Duomo and then enjoy a lunch at one of the very good restaurants there.

Encircled by Roman boundary walls, this ancient and little-known town is also known as the ‘Città dei Papi’ (Town of the Popes). It is a historical centre in the Lazio region, in the area of Ciociaria, which is part of Latium. Outside the walls at the foot of the town lies the newer town.


Fiuggi, like many Italian towns, is divided into two parts, upper and lower, with the newer part at the bottom (Fiuggi Fonte) and Antico Fiuggi at the top.

Fiuggi is a lovely, leafy spa town, where Italians have gone for decades to go on holiday and take the waters and dance in the gardens.

The town’s pretty central square is the perfect place to sit outside the colonnaded cafe in the shade of the plane trees and enjoy a cappuccino whilst people-watching.

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The small town of Acuto, up the mountain from Casale San Pietro, is a lovely little place to go and spend a morning. There are some wonderfully scenic mountain walks around Acuto, so you could put your walking boots on, take a picnic and make a day of it. Do ask us for more information if you are interested. There are also short walks with views for the less rugged amongst us!


The town of Tivoli, a few miles off the A1 Autostrada, boasts the beautiful and famous Villa d’Este with its miraculous fountain gardens. We don’t want to tell you too much about it if you haven’t been before, as seeing the Villa d’Este gardens for the first time is a true delight. We want to share with you what we think is a wonderful day out.


Valmontone is just off the A1 motorway 2 junctions north of here. It has two fantastic attractions: a Designer Outlet and ‘Magic Land’, a Disney-like theme park for children and teenagers. A great day out for all the family and there are food and drink outlets there.

The Seaside Towns

Within an hour of Anagni, there are miles upon miles of long sandy beaches and several lovely places to visit on the coast. Ask us for more details and recommendations.


Described by Monty Don and The New York Times as “The Most Romantic Garden in the World”, the gardens at Ninfa meander through the ruins of the once-great Caetani family’s estate. The trees, plants, flowers, the roses rambling over arches and ruins, the bright green emerald weed swaying in the bottom of the river that runs through the estate, combine to make this a magical place. Looking upwards to see the village of Norma lining the ridge, it’s an implausibly dramatic setting. As you weave your way through the gardens, each new area you find is a feast for the eyes.

Ninfa is not far from the coast, so after the visit to the Gardens,you can visit San Felice Circeo, which is a lovely little coastal town and you can enjoy a coffee, glass of prosecco or a cheeky Aperol Spritz.

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