A Perfect Evening In Veroli

27 July 2017

Summer is such an amazing time to visit The Ciocaria area of Lazio. There are so many exciting summer events in the Medieval Towns surrounding The Casale, many of which are quite spectacular. Veroli is no exception, it is situated just 40 minutes from The Casale. We took two of our guests to visit the festival of entertainment last evening. Wow we were not disappointed:
1. There were so many amazing street entertainers from Clowns on stilts, some outstanding puppeteers jugglers, singers, dancers and even a walking Emu and Dodo!!
2. Some amazing street food! I had a cone of calamari, potato wedges and bruschetta made with the hanging cheese over the heat. All delicious!! not to mention great beer and wine of course!!
3. Artisan stalls selling some beautiful home made and crafted toys, jewellery, leather goods, glass blown ornaments and paintings.

The atmosphere was electric, children laughing, teenagers chatting and flirting, groups of friends just sitting and enjoying ice cream or a campari soda whilst enjoying the summer evening and chatting. Grandparents enjoying the moment with there Grandchildren. it was fantastic and must be seen. Entrance fee was 3 Euro and for that you were totally entertained for hours. The street performers came from all over Europe and were quite spectacular. I want to bottle the atmosphere and share it with you. It was such fun infact I would say a PERFECT SUMMER EVENING!

Richard and Leyla our delightful guests from London said:

“A slice of Authentic Italy with Kooky Street Performers and the Cheese over the hot coals to die for”






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